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The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California 

Commission for Intercultural Ministries 


The Commission for Intercultural Ministries seeks to help our worshiping communities live into our Christian values as articulated in our Baptismal Covenant.  This includes welcoming and appreciating the diversity of the people among and around us.  It means reaching out to people in our communities who may have a different cultural or ethnic background, and engaging with them toward the goal of being a Beloved Community.


The Commission for Intercultural Ministries is composed of faithful Episcopalians, both lay and clergy, who are committed to working with worshiping communities to foster loving relationship with diverse communities around them.


The Commission for Intercultural Ministries has six primary areas of focus:

  1. Becoming Beloved Community—The Commission is integrating the Becoming Beloved Community vision into the various Commission areas of focus.
  2. Racial Healing and Reconciliation Training—The Commission is coordinating the Diocesan effort to provide Sacred Ground Dialogue Circles throughout the Diocese and reimagining the one-day workshop.
  3. Latino/Hispanic Ministries—The task force is developing ways to reach out to Latino/Hispanic communities in the Diocese.
  4. Indigenous Ministries—The task force is developing ways to encourage congregations to recognize and develop relationships with their Indigenous neighbors.
  5. Immigration and Refugee Ministries—This effort supports immigrants.
  6. Communications—A monthly newsletter is published providing resources for congregations.

Does this ministry call you?  If the Spirit is prompting you to work toward creating the Beloved Community at your church, in your community or in the Diocese and you would like more information about our Ministry, please contact us at norcalcim@gmail.com

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